On Reviving my Tech-Centered Blog

As this year continues to shock me, I find myself with a lot of time to work on personal goals. Somehow I am lucky enough to stay safe by staying inside and working on personal growth. And I do not want to take that for granted. So as I remain safe and away from people with no empathy to wear a mask, my reading list gets more extensive, and my project board gets clumped with tasks.

I enjoy being busy. Understanding something that previously made no sense is cathartic. I am sure you remember the first time you solved for X. There was a sense of pride on your chest and an aw on your smile. So now I am in chase of that feeling.

But not all books will interest you. I enjoy programming and software architecture and racial relations and existentialism and synthesizers. I am sure one of those previously mentioned hobbies are not as enticing to you as they are to me. I started this blog to share my thoughts and to help others with my experience, and I believe that to reach that purpose, I need to separate my opinions from my teachings.

So I want to split both items into separate blogs. This blog will become a medium to share my thoughts with people who want to hear them while my tech blog will present tutorials and other information related to my main set of skills. I hope that simplifies things for everyone.

My thoughts blog URL is https://ren.rocks.